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Tangerine Juice Villa Piva 100% Natural 10.1 FLOZ and 1.04 QT


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Fresh & Natural

Villa Piva tangerine juice - 10.1 floz and 1.04 qt - is made only with fresh tangerines, without adding artificial ingredients like preservatives and sugars.

Tangerine Juice Villa Villa Piva 100% Natural 10.1 floz and 1.04 qt

Tangerine Juice


No artificial elements,
dyes or preservatives

No added

Juice produced only with
2.2kg of tangerine per liter

No added

Natural sweetish taste
obtained by fructose

Product 100% Natural


Drinking 500ml of natural tangerine juice every day contributes to the daily needs of vitamin C, A, B complex, bioflavonoids, nobiletine and potassium.

Rich in Nobiletina

Nobiletine helps in the prevention of Arteriosclerosis and stroke.

Antioxidant Factor

Antioxidant effect of vitamin C helps in preventing cancer.

Tangerine Juice Villa Piva 100% Natural

Rich in Fibers

Fibers contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to the proper cognitive functioning of memory.

Vale dos Vinhedos

Image of the region of Vale dos Vinhedos

Internationally Recognized Terroir

Located in the Serra Gaúcha, at the meeting of Bento Gonçalvez and Garibaldi, Vale dos Vinhedos is in a region that, together with the new technologies, allows the cultivation of fruits rich in flavor and nutrients, reflecting in the quality of the juices produced there.

Care & Affection

Each tangerine is harvested manually, with special attention to quality, aiming for homogeneous fruits. After being harvested, the tangerines are stored for up to 24 hours before proceeding to the juice processing, bringing more freshness to the final product.

Tangerine in Weight

Villa Piva tangerine juice is made with 15 tangerines - equivalent of about 2.2kg of fruit - per liter, harvested from this internationally recognized terroir.

Tangerine Juice Villa Piva 100% Natural 10.1 floz and 1.04 qt

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